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Role Description

Role description: Vice-Chair of Council

Last updated: 10 October 2022

Role Description

1. To provide support to the Chair in the leadership of the University Council:

a) To give clear, effective strategic direction to the University and its Executive, so that the University continues to flourish and succeed in a fast moving, competitive environment

b) To enable the Council to work in an effective and efficient manner in accordance with its terms of reference, the University’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, the CUC Guide to University Governance, the requirements of the Office for Students, and the “Nolan” standards of behaviour in public life.

2. To substitute for the Chair as required in any of his/her duties (please refer to the Role Description for the Chair).

3. To provide support and assistance to the Chair in carrying out his/her responsibilities and to act as a ‘sounding board’ and ‘critical friend’ to both the Chair and members of the Executive team.

4. To be able to devote time to attend Council and Committee meetings on a regular basis.

5. To provide an alternative route for other Members of Council to raise issues or concerns if they are unable to do so with the Chair. This is an important part of the checks and balances within University governance and accountability, so that if for any reason a Council member or members have concerns that they have been unable to resolve through the normal channels of Chair, Vice-Chancellor or Secretary to Council, or if using such channels would be inappropriate in the circumstances, then they can raise those concerns with the Vice-Chair. This is analogous to the role of Senior Independent Governor recommended in the UK Corporate Code

6. To support if required the annual process to review the performance of the Chair and of Council members, and their contribution to the work of Council and its Committees.

7. To act as an ambassador for the University, promoting its activities in the wider community, particularly to engage with the County of Gloucestershire and/or with the wider University sector, on behalf of the Chair if required. The extent of this role would be agreed from time to time with the Chair, depending partly on his/her own priorities.

8. The Vice-Chair of Council is normally a member of Honorary Awards Committee and chairs the Remuneration and Human Resources Committee.

Person Specification: Vice-Chair of Council

(to include specifications for the role of Council Member plus the additional requirements outlined below)

1. Attainments and
2. Previous
Experience of matters
relevant to the successful
operation of a large, complex organisation.
Experience as a non-Executive
Board chair or member, including chairing meetings effectively
Understanding of good corporate
3. Training and
Specialist Skills
High level negotiating skills.
4. DispositionPersonal commitment to the
purposes of the University
Enthusiasm and energy
Ability to get the best out of
others, working effectively with
the Chair and other members of Council, and with the
Vice-Chancellor and other
members of the University
Diplomatic but firm, with the
ability both to listen and to
persuade Commitment to the University’s mission as an
inclusive organisation, promoting
equality and celebrating diversity
amongst students and staff.
Willingness to engage with
the County of
Gloucestershire and the
surrounding region, and to
act as a champion and
ambassador for the University.
5. Circumstances

Vice-Chair of Council (June 2019)

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