Student charter

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student charter​​
We strive to provide an inclusive, student centred academic environment. Our student charter forms the basis of our commitment to this vision.

Customer services charter
We want all of our students to have an excellent experience whilst they pursue their studies. We take great pride in the commitment and professionalism of our staff members, both those who teach you on our courses and those who support and serve you on campus in non-academic roles. We have developed a customer service charter that outlines the level of service you can expect across the range of services within the university.

Student disciplinary procedures
Occasionally, the university needs to undertake formal proceedings in matters where the code of conduct has been breached. This ensures that matters are dealt with in a fair and transparent manner.

The following documents outline the processes for disciplinary action:
Disciplinary procedures for student matters
Disciplinary procedures flowchart for student matters
Investigatory procedure for student matters

Further policies and procedures
Student code of conduct
Student complaints procedure
Student Emergency Contact Procedures
​​Academic appeals procedures
Fitness to practise procedures
Whistleblowing policy
Supported study procedures
Supported study procedures - flowchart 
Substance abuse policy
Policy related to UK prevent strategy
Harassment procedures: guidance for students
Student harassment procedures - flowchart
Learning Analytics Policy
Student Guide To Learning Analytics