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Tuition Fees List: International (Undergraduate and Professional courses)

Last updated: 23 November 2023


Please refer to the tables applicable to the study you are taking and locate your relevant fees by course type and year of entry. Inflationary uplifts in subsequent years may apply. Additional costs specific to a course are displayed on the course webpage.

Undergraduate Full Time Study (Course Fees)

Year of Entry2020/212021/222022/232023/242024/25
First Degree* – taught year, Including Fast Track£14,680£14,700£15,000£15,450£16,600
First Degree – Sandwich year£2,580£2,600£2,650£2,770£2,975
First Degree – Outbound ERASMUS+ or Study Abroad exchange year£14,680£14,700£15,000£15,450£16,600
First Degree – taught year with Outbound Study Abroad exchange/ Erasmus+ exchange semester£14,680£14,700£15,000£15,450£16,600
First Degree – Inbound fee-paying Study Abroad fee per semester£6,080£6,100£6,225£7,725£8,300
Foundation Degree£14,680£14,700£15,000£15,450£16,600
* BA (Hons); BSc (Hons); BEd (Hons); BEng (Hons); LLB (Hons)

Exceptional Full time Course Fees

Year of Entry2020/212021/222022/232023/242024/25
Certificate in Higher Education – Health and Social Care£14,680£14,700£15,000£15,450£16,600
Certificate in Higher Education – Working with Children, Young People and Families£14,680£14,700£15,000£15,450£16,600

Undergraduate Part Time Study (Modular Fees per 15 credits)

Year of Entry2021/222021/222022/232023/242024/25
First Degree *£1,830£1,830£1,875£1,925£2,075
Foundation Degree £1,830£1,830£1,875£1,925£2,075
Diploma / Certificate in Higher Education £1,830£1,830£1,875£1,925£2,075
*BA (Hons); BSc (Hons); BEd (Hons); BEng (Hons); LLB (Hons)

Additional Undergraduate Fees

Year of Entry2020/212021/222022/232023/242024/25
Trailing Module Re-study fee (per 15-credit module)*£260£260£270£285£310
*if taken alongside a full academic load. All other re-taken modules will be charged at the part-time modular fee rate.

Professional and Short Course Fees

Students registered on a full award can pay the course fees upfront or by direct debit and should refer to the Tuition Fee and Bursary Policy for payment methods and timescales. Students registered for modules/ credits within an award are charged by the module.

Any additional costs specific to a course are displayed on the course webpage.

Year of Entry2021/222022/232023/242024/25
Business and Management:
CPS Intermediate Human Resource Management (CIPD app.)




CPS Independent and Supplementary Prescribing




Pre-sessional English:
Six Weeks
Ten Weeks
Fifteen Weeks




* Includes £250 interview fee

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