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Careers with the School of Creative Arts

Discover what it’s like to work in the School of Creative Arts.


Thank you for your interest in joining the School of Creative Arts. 

We are a creative community with a deep commitment to our staff, students and the places around us. Our staff are highly motivated individuals who excel in their industry, research and pedagogic practice. Although very individual, they are thinkers and disruptors, influencing our students to do the same and agitate toward a better future.

This is an inclusive and collegial team of creators, writers and performers with big ambitions and a passion that extends beyond the classroom. We see a great deal of potential around us and have a vision that builds on the significant cultural heritage in Gloucestershire. We want to promote the region as a destination for the creative audience, towards a place that our graduates and staff will want to call home and to make and create in a supportive environment. 

Our institution has embraced its creative provision in the recent University structure, giving us a strong voice and support for our vision. This gives us confidence in our future both in the University and beyond. We invite agitators and creative thinkers to join us on this exciting journey.

Prof. Angus Pryor
Head of School

Head and shoulders image of Angus Pryor, Head of School of Creatives
Prof. Angus Pryor

About the School

We are a dynamic and progressive school at the heart of the University with a comprehensive teaching and research portfolio.

Our campuses are located across Cheltenham and Gloucester, with multiple connections in the region and beyond. Our students are award winners, both in the UK and internationally – we are incredibly proud of them and their achievements.

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We don’t like to limit our work to a list of subjects.

Our courses have strong internal and external connections and we encourage you to collaborate, explore new possibilities and question the boundaries of your chosen field.

We will support you in your journey through opportunities to engage in postgraduate study, research projects or mentoring within our creative community.

We will give you time and space to develop your practice with technologies that are relevant to your field. We are keen to embrace digital approaches that enable staff and students to perform at the highest level.

Architecture design space


We will invest in your pedagogic practice, enabling you to develop excellence in our students and to inspire bold and creative thinking. 

We encourage our staff to remain connected to academia and the creative sector to inform their teaching practice and create opportunities for our students.

We are committed to preparing our students for the next stages of their careers through our carefully designed curriculum, established network of industry partners, and a range of extra-curricular opportunities.

Katharina Hoerath & Katie Donahue’s at London Design Fair


We take great pride in our research and see so much potential in our creative community.

Our key priority is working with our Early Career Researchers and underrepresented groups. We want to help them articulate their unique perspectives with boldness to agitate and push the boundaries of creative learning.

REF 2021 solidified our focus and gave us confidence to continue to pioneer practice as research.

We are excited to see the development of new and innovative projects from colleagues.

Image: Katharina Hoerath & Katie Donahue’s ‘Pillars and Petals’ installation at London Design Fair playing with ideas of architectural cycles and scales.

Staff development

We are committed to developing our staff through training, mentoring and opportunities to take part in exciting initiatives.

If you are a creative practitioner with strong expertise and a desire to contribute to the team and wider school, please email

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Stories from our team

Hear from our staff about their experience working within the School of Creative Arts.

Dr Yvette Putra

Lecturer in Architecture

Black and white photo of Yvette Putra smiling.

Research-led teaching

“My research informs my teaching, to affirm the instrumentality of architectural artifacts as human records and adopt global and critical perspectives of culture, geography, and temporality – to, ultimately, challenge the longstanding Eurocentrism of architectural design, history, and practice.”

Susie Olczak

Multidisciplinary artist, researcher and lecturer in Fine Art.

Head and shoulders photo of Susie smiling.

“The University of Gloucestershire has supported my early-career research with two field trips to attend residencies in Latin America with La Wakaya Current. I was able to travel to go to the Armila in the Darién Gap in Panama to a coastal rainforest setting where I was hosted by the Guna community and to Coyo in the Atacama Desert in Chile with the Lickan Antay community. The funding also allowed me to offset the carbon of the trips which had an ecological focus.”

Cat Mogford

Lecturer in design

Cat Mogford

“Year after year, our students are awarded a huge number of prestigious design awards. In 2022, they claimed 28. In 2023, it was 31. As their teaching staff, we feel incredibly proud and lucky to work with such fantastic students and to be supported by our school in ways that enable us to line up as many opportunities as possible for our cohorts.”

Katharina Hoerath

Senior Lecturer in Architecture

Katharina Hoerat stood in a building

Engagement with local council

“For my first-semester architectural design project, I chose a site in Cheltenham that holds significance for the local council—a recent development focused on activating a specific area within the city.”