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Student Charter 2020-21

What can you expect from the University?

Student Charter

What can you expect from the University?


Our Student Charter aims to:

  • Explain in simple terms what all of our students can expect from the University
  • Outline what is reasonably expected of students by the University
  • Be an effective signpost for our students to help them access a range of information that will help them throughout their studies.
  • Reflect the University's key values, as outlined below:​
​ ​​​


We are committed to nurturing the holistic development of our students and staff – their academic, social, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual well-being.


We pursue excellence in the generation of new knowledge and encourage creativity, fun and the exploration of truth.


We are dedicated to creating sustainable futures within a flourishing university.


We are responsive to the needs of all stakeholders and strive to enhance all aspects of our services to students, communities and the organisations that we work with.


We value each member of the university and are committed to relationships characterised by respect for the individual.


We promote a climate of trust and accountability underpinned by a commitment to open, honest and tr​ansparent communications.

This Charter outlines our commitment to providing a quality student experience, to support equality and diversity, and to building a strong sense of community within the University for our students. It also highlights our commitment to the sustainable development of the local communities of which we are part as well as playing an effective role in the wider sustainability agenda.

This charter has been developed in accordance with the recommendations from the Government’s ‘Student Charter Group’ that re​ported in January 2011, and in full partnership with the Students’ Union. The Student Charter is reviewed and approved annually by the University’s Academic Board.​​

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  1. COVID19​
  2. In general
  3. Your studies
  4. Your development
  5. Your student life
  6. Your views
  7. Your concerns or difficulties​
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During the 2019/20 academic year the University took a range of steps to respond to the pandemic to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students and staff members including the issuing of continually updated guidance to the student community; making the decision to end face-to-face teaching and introduce extensive on-line methods of course delivery; ensuring that all assessments and exams were undertaken through on-line means; introducing more extensive cleaning regimes; and a range of other safety procedures on our campuses to ensure we kept our community safe.

We expect that disruption resulting from the pandemic will continue to affect University operations for much or all of the academic year 2020/21, particularly as a consequence of continuing Government requirements for social distancing. The ongoing commitments set out in following sections of this Charter must be read in the light of the exceptional circumstances created by the pandemic. In particular, while all of the commitments set out in this Charter will continue to apply throughout the Academic Year 2020/21, the way in which the University (or the Students’ Union) implement and deliver those commitments may have to be varied to meet ongoing Government restrictions.

In our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can expect the University:

  • To ensure that all students can live and study in an environment that meets government public health guidance to ensure a ‘COVID Secure’ environment.
  • To ensure that blended programmes of study, combining online and campus-based teaching, give all students support to engage with their courses, access appropriate learning resources, and learn effectively
  • To ensure that all teaching programmes reflect good pedagogic practice, and that all assessment leads to academically valid results.
  • To make every effort to provide for students a University experience that is rewarding, high quality and good value for money.
  • To keep all students informed about changes we need to make as the pandemic evolves through our Coronavirus Information Hub which will be permanently located on MyGlos.

The University has undertaken a major risk assessment exercise for all aspects of University and campus life ahead of the start of the new academic year in September 2020. To protect our community on campus once the academic year starts again, we will introduce a range of safety and increased hygiene measures, including and not limited to those listed below:

  • Enhanced cleaning and sterilising regimes;
  • Social distancing in line with Public Health England guidance;
  • Zoning of campuses and one-way systems to help to manage numbers in high traffic areas;
  • Clear guidance to students about how to look after their health, and how to seek support and how to raise concerns about members of the University community who are not following the appropriate guidance.

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

  • The continuation of activities associated with student life (i.e. clubs, societies and events) albeit delivered in a way that adheres to current social distancing guidance;
  • Effective representation on behalf of the student body on all matters related to COVID19.

We expect you:

  • To immediately inform the University (via the Student Services Department) should you have symptoms, be tested positive for or diagnosed with COVID19 or be contacted as part of the ‘track and trace’ scheme, and to then follow self-isolation guidelines as appropriate;
  • To adhere to social distancing guidelines both on and off campus as issued by the University and Public Health England;
  • To behave with dignity and respect towards others, and play a positive role in encouraging others to follow such guidelines and proactively take personal measures to minimise risk to yourself and others.

To engage with online teaching, learning and student services where provided as part of a blended programme.

In general​

You can expect:

  • To be able to fully participate in the academic and social life of the University
  • To be treated with courtesy and fairness, and in a timely manner  
  • To experience a safe and secure environment, free from harassment, victimisation or discrimination of any kind
  • To be actively supported when you need help
  • The University to use your learning data in a responsible way, and to use this data to enable you to better understand how you are engaging with your studies or programme
  • To receive timely communications from the University about any significant changes being made to your studies or programme.

We expect you:

  • To take an active part in our supportive educational community
  • To be considerate and respectful to our diverse community of students, staff members and visitors
  • To be aware of and considerate to the local communities of which we are a part
  • To not bring the University into disrepute, and to abide by the University’s Code of Conduct at all times including your behaviour whilst on-line, and both on and off campus.
  • To abide by the terms and conditions of residence if living in University Halls.
  • To enrol on an annual basis, and to pay any monies owed to the University on time

Your studies​

You can expect from the University:

  • An experience that will be challenging, stimulating and invigorating, in which you are part of a supportive learning community
  • Staff that are professional, well qualified and who demonstrate currency in both their knowledge of their subject and their understanding of student learning.
  • Access to an on-line learning environment giving you access to a wide range of information and resources to enrich your learning
  • Access to library resources that effectively support your learning, with specialist staff that are focused on your needs
  • To receive all necessary information about your studies in a timely manner
  • An induction programme at the beginning of your studies to give you a strong foundation for success
  • To receive effective and timely feedback on your academic work
  • To receive effective representation on matters related to your studies through the Course Representative system and other student representatives.
  • An academic member of staff to engage with you and to act as either your Personal Tutor or Academic Supervisor for the duration of your course

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

  • Appropriate support and representation through informal and formal procedures (including the Student Representation scheme) regarding academic provision, resources or assessment
  • Representation of the student body through elected officers sitting on University Boards and Committees to help ensure high quality academic quality and standards
  • The leadership of an annual Student-Led Staff Award scheme, incorporating the views of the student body for the development and sharing of excellent academic practice and support services

We expect you:

  • To participate fully and appropriately in the learning activities of your studies, and to meet all attendance, engagement, study and assessment requirements
  • To have access to personal computing equipment in order that you can be successful in your studies.
  • To be aware of and comply with all regulations and procedures governing your course/studies.
  • To reflect on the feedback you receive from your assessments and any submitted work to inform your future work and develop your skills
  • To engage with your Personal Tutor or Academic Supervisor throughout the duration of your studies, attending meetings as required.
  • To act responsibly in your use of University resources, respecting the needs of other users and observing any health & safety requirements
  • To be aware of and comply with our regulations governing the use of libraries, computing and networking facilities
  • To act with academic integrity, following academic regulations and assessment guidelines. This includes only submitting work that is entirely your own and acting honestly when claiming dispensation through the extenuating circumstances procedures
  • To be aware of and comply with the University’s principles and procedures governing ethics and integrity in research and assessment

Your development​

You can expect from the University:

  • To be able to access a range of advice, interventions and support services that better enable you to be well equipped for graduate/professional level employment upon the completion of your studies
  • Access to a range of practical work-based experiences that are either linked directly to your studies or that you can freely access to build your capabilities
  • Where appropriate, your course or academic department to have direct links with relevant professional accrediting bodies, so that wherever possible you will be viewed as highly qualified by employers
  • A range of opportunities open to you to actively engage in and be recognised for volunteering, leading student-led projects, and representing your peers. Such opportunities can enhance your student experience and develop your skills
  • Access to a wide range of support to enhance your study skills to give you the best chance of academic success

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

  • The continuing development of its JobShop service, to support you in finding part-time employment that fits around your studies.
  • The opportunity to experience and participate in the governance and management of the Union as an elected officer or trustee.
  • Student-led sports club and societies in which you can develop a range of skills and experience through being elected to a leadership role.
  • The opportunity to gain formal recognition for significant engagement within SU-led co-curricular activity.

We expect you:

  • To be proactive in utilising the services and opportunities available to build your skills and experiences beyond your studies so you have the greatest chance of achieving success in the employment market once your studies are complete
  • To respect and abide by the policies of any workplace or organisation in which you may be engaged via work experience or voluntary positions through the University and Students’ Union

Your student life​

You can expect from the University:

  • Access to easy-to-find high quality confidential and appropriate support, advice and guidance on issues that affect you whilst you are a student
  • A range of support services that will support your wellbeing, health and welfare
  • High quality facilities and services that enhance your student experience

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

  • Support and advice through elected full-time officers on non-academic issues
  • Welfare-related campaigns and services, and effective referral to local organisations and advice services
  • A strong partnership with the Student Services Department to ensure the non-academic needs of students are met
  • Social experiences through the provision of Students’ Union events, sports clubs and student societies.
  • A permanently available and updated calendar of events throughout the academic year.

We expect you:

  • To be proactive in seeking out any personal support that you may feel you need
  • To advise the University of any circumstances, needs or restrictions that may affect your successful participation in the University whether they be pre-existing or new, in order that we can support you effectively
  • To behave responsibly when representing the University at sporting, cultural or other events
  • To respect and abide by the published policies and constitution of the Students’ Union

Your views​

You can expect from the University:

  • To have opportunities to provide feedback to the University on the quality of its academic programmes and support services
  • To be represented by students in the committee structure of the University
  • To have at least one fully trained student representative for your course/area of study
  • To have the opportunity to become involved as a student representative should you so wish
  • That copies of minutes from official committee meetings are available on its website
  • That clear and transparent information is provided on action taken in response to student feedback

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

  • To lobby on behalf of the student body on appropriate issues.
  • Training for all student representatives to ensure that you are represented effectively
  • Transparent and well managed election processes to ensure that you are able to participate in the selection of your representatives
  • Effective and accessible mechanisms in place so that you can give feedback about your student experience
  • Real opportunities to shape the Students’ Union through its democratic processes, and its Students’ Union Executive, Board of Trustees or other elected officers and committees.

We expect you:

  • To support student and Students’ Union representatives and to make them aware of your views, in order that they can represent you effectively
  • To take part in the election processes for student and Students’ Union representatives
  • To engage with the feedback mechanisms that the University uses to gauge student opinion (e.g. Annual Course Evaluation (ACE); National Student Survey (NSS); Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES); Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)

Your concerns or difficulties​

You can expect from the University:

  • To be able to make a complaint or lodge an appeal using the official procedures without fear of any recrimination
  • Information about all of the University’s student-related procedures to be easily accessible on the University website
  • To be treated fairly and reasonably with respect and courtesy if you participate in any University investigative or disciplinary procedures

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

  • Confidential and impartial advice, support and representation through appeals, complaints or academic breach procedures
  • Representation on appeals and complaints panels, ensuring all processes are fair and just

We expect you:

  • To follow the procedures closely, and wherever possible, to provide relevant key facts and supporting evidence within the specified timescales
  • To act with respect and courtesy if you are involved in any University procedures
  • Not to make any malicious or vexatious complaints or allegations

Further information and useful links​

There is an expectation that students will behave in accordance with our Student Code of Conduct, and that students should expect the University to invoke its investigatory/disciplinary procedures should any students breach the code.

More details on the content of this document and a wide range of further useful University information and student-related policies can be found on our Student Charter web-pages:

We hope that you find this Student Charter useful and relevant, and we would welcome your suggestions on how we could improve it. You can give such feedback either through your elected student representatives or by e-mail:

Useful University links:

Useful External Links: