Faith and religion

Francis CLose Hall Chapel.

​The University of Gloucestershire has an historic and continuing affiliation with the Christian faith and as such is based on those Christian beliefs and values. We seek to be Christian and inclusive of other faiths and reflect this aim in all we do . Our Chaplaincy team (there is a chaplain on each of our campuses) – and particularly our Christian Union- would be truly delighted to welcome you.

As a university, our goal is to provide an environment which is respectful of faith; a place where debate is fostered and  in which people of all faiths and none feel comfortable in expressing their convictions within the law, without fear of discrimination or ridicule; a place which provides opportunities for individuals who so wish to explore, deepen and express their faith; and which promotes awareness of the historical, intellectual and cultural significance of faith (particularly the Christian faith) for the university and our society. As a university, we are, and always should be, a place that values open and honest debate about fundamental issues, and that sustains the pursuit of knowledge, insight and truth  -  including in relation to faith and religion.

The university supports students of all faiths. Cheltenham and Gloucester have an array of local churches, mosques, synagogues and temples. There are also a range of on-campus venues and activities.

University report on Anglican identity


The university has a chaplain and a faith venue on each campus.

Our Chaplaincy team are here to listen, pray with you, discuss life and faith and offer spiritual guidance and mentoring for students and staff of all faiths and none. Drop in to see the chaplains for a tea or coffee or use our quiet contemplation spaces that are available. Chaplaincy events are open to everyone and all students and staff are warmly invited to come along. 

Download our leaflet for more information about the chaplaincy.

Other faiths

Major religious festivals are observed and celebrated across the campuses.

There are prayer rooms with ablution facilities on all campuses. We have a Muslim chaplain who organises Friday prayers at Park campus.

Cheltenham and Gloucester have mosques. See a list of faith venues in the area for links to their websites.

We also have Jewish, Buddhist Hindu, Sikh and Baha’i associate chaplains.

Contact the chaplaincy and we can put you in touch with the appropriate representative.

Christian Union and local churches

The university has a vibrant Christian Union (CU) that meets weekly in term time at the FCH Chapel as well as other activities during the week. For more information, see the University of Gloucestershire Christian Union Facebook page.

There are many good churches to connect with in the local area. The CU organise a ‘church search’ in the first weeks of term to visit local churches if you are interested.

There is also a small Catholic society. Father Peter is our Catholic chaplain and holds a weekly mass at Park campus.