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Health & wellbeing programmes


Here at UniSport, we are passionate about providing programmes to support your overall health and wellbeing that are flexible, accessible and help you to look after you.
We are building a community that can get active, contribute to improving wellbeing and exploring ideas that facilitate you doing this, your way.


Welcome to UniSport, home to a range of health and wellbeing programmes, made for you. These will cover; ways of getting active, joining recreational sessions and opportunities to support your overall health and wellbeing.

Being active doesn’t mean having to join a gym, although this is for some people, it isn’t for everyone and here we show you what more you can do. Our programmes aim to be flexible, affordable, accessible and more holistic in our approach to addressing wellbeing, mental health, physical health and everything related to looking after yourself.

Check out the opportunities available to all students and staff across the University of Gloucestershire community.

Your way

‘Your way’ is a free physical activity and wellbeing programme throughout the University community with the aim of opening up activities to explore, your way.

A combination of sport, educational workshops, mindfulness activities, wellbeing and development sessions to contribute towards your overall health and wellbeing. This features traditional team sport and competitive leagues, courses to try a new skill and activity, coach-led sessions for more specific activities as well as recreational offers of trying something unconventional or brand new.

Your way activities

Below is a range of activities available on the programme.

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View ‘Your way’ programme, including timetables and booking options.

Active boxes

Students on campus

Activities across all campuses

Available at all campuses, look out for Active Boxes that are to support you getting active, anywhere.

There is a range of equipment that can be used in rooms, by individuals, outside and by groups. The equipment is designed to support you with some online resources for workouts, things to do and basic rules for games that can be set up. A new way of getting active and creative with space, equipment and to support your wellbeing.

Equipment (this may vary subject to Campus Box) Football, Cones, Yoga Mat, Skipping Rope, Resistance Band, Tennis and Badminton sets, Frisbee, Table Tennis, simple rule sheets for games that can be played.

Out and about

Students walking outside at Pittville Student Village, Cheltenham.

Discover your local community

Discover your local community throughout Gloucester and Cheltenham, look after yourself and contribute towards your 5 steps to well-being.

Whether it’s taking in the sights by boat, bike or by walking, we are delivering an accessible programme that offers opportunities to socialise as well as to get out and about and explore your local areas.

We are partnering up with external organisations, local facilities, interest groups as well as University programmes to deliver activities that benefit your personal health, connect to your local community and feel at one with nature.

We are open to exploring options to support you getting out and about. From working with the Sustainability team; building garden and green spaces, connecting well-being with sustainable programmes, such as Live Smart, and litter picking. To setting up walk and talks as a chance to socialise and promote physical activity to teaming up with Active Gloucestershire and local facilities for access to staff and students to get active and do it your way.

Get involved

Get in touch

We are always open to ideas to develop and improve our programmes and we want to hear from you. If you have any queries, feedback or ideas, please get in touch with Yasmin Vines (Senior Sport and Physical Activity Officer),