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Higher and degree apprenticeships

Education apprenticeships

Are you interested in studying education? We work in partnership with a range of businesses to offer education degree apprenticeships to learners.

Education degree apprenticeship

Gain a level 7 qualification in education through University of Gloucestershire. We offer an education degree apprenticeship available to study whilst in employment.  

Education apprenticeships guide

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about education degree apprenticeships.

What is an education degree apprenticeship?

An education degree apprenticeship can come in many formats. At the University, we offer an education apprenticeship course for academic professionals.

The Academic Professional Apprenticeship (PGCAP) is a course in education that is designed for those working full-time in higher education.  

The apprenticeship supports learners in developing their knowledge, skills and behaviours as an academic professional, giving them opportunities to reflect upon their practice in the company of others facing similar challenges. 

Upon successful completion, you will receive a postgraduate certificate (level 7). 

Degree apprenticeships are funded by the government and the employer. 

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Who can study an Academic Professional Apprenticeship? 

To study an Academic Professional Apprenticeship, you will need to be a UK resident and working at least 30 hours a week, preferably in the higher education sector. 

The entry requirements can vary, but generally, you will need: 

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For specific entry requirements, visit our education degree apprenticeship course

Why study an Academic Professional Apprenticeship? 

There are so many great reasons to study education at degree level through an apprenticeship.  

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School of Education and Science

Work with leading practitioners, coaches, and professionals in specialist environments where you will develop your skills and gain real-world experience.

When can I apply for an Academic Professional Apprenticeship? 

You can apply for this education degree apprenticeship at any point in the year. However, you will need to ensure that your employer has agreed to be involved with your enrolment on the apprenticeship.

Once you have received confirmation from your employer, you will need to ask them to enquire directly through the Academic Professional apprenticeship course page.

Once your employer has enquired, our apprenticeships team will get in touch with them to discuss the next steps in the process. 

Depending on the course, enrolment will normally be in September or January. 

How to apply for Academic Professional Apprenticeship 

Unlike a traditional degree, you cannot apply directly to a degree apprenticeship in education. Instead, you will need your employer to register interest via our apprenticeship course pages. 

How to enquire about education degree apprenticeship: 

  1. View our education degree apprenticeship course
  2. Check you meet the course-specific entry requirements 
  3. Approach your employer in the first instance to discuss the options 
  4. Await confirmation from your employer that they are happy to agree to the apprenticeship partnership 
  5. Ask your employer to contact us direct via the contact form on the education apprenticeship course page 

Unsure how to approach your employer about an education apprenticeship? We have created some top tips on how to approach your employer, informing them of the vast benefits of apprenticeships. 

Where do I study an Academic Professional Apprenticeship?

When studying an education degree apprenticeship, you will study over a 3-to-4-year period.  

Your day-to-day workplace projects will support study modules in the apprenticeship. Some hours of study will also be spent on campus, at home or at a different location. 

Study style can vary depending on the specific course and workplace requirements. They will be outlined and communicated with you upon enrolment. 

The campus you will attend will be Francis Close Hall, Cheltenham.