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Higher and degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships guide

Welcome to our degree apprenticeships guide. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about degree apprenticeships, what they are, how they work, who can apply and more.

What degree apprenticeships are there? 

There is a range of degree apprenticeship courses at the University. We offer apprenticeships in nursing and social care, business, computing and cyber and many more. 

What companies offer degree apprenticeships?

We have worked with a range of local companies across Gloucestershire to offer degree apprenticeships. Some of these include SuperDry, NHS, Dyson, Gloucester Rugby and a few more.  

However, we do not offer degree apprenticeship vacancies. We offer apprenticeship courses in which you’ll need to be in employment and have your employer’s permission and involvement to study a course.

Who pays for a degree apprenticeship?

A degree apprenticeship is paid for and funded by the government and your employer.

What is the difference between higher and degree apprenticeships? 

The difference between higher and degree apprenticeships is the level of study and qualifications you receive upon completion.  

  • A higher apprenticeship allows you to achieve a level 4 or 5 qualification 
  • A degree apprenticeship allows you to achieve a level 6 qualification / Bachelor’s award or a level 7 qualification / Master’s / PgCert. 

What degree apprenticeships are available? 

We have a range of degree apprenticeships available to study at University of Gloucestershire. From education and business to cyber and social care, there are plenty of choices.

You can view a range of higher and degree apprenticeship courses by subject area below.

What level are degree apprenticeships? 

Degree apprenticeships are courses in which you study whilst in employment and can achieve either a level 6 or level 7 qualification (degree or Master’s).

We offer degree apprenticeships at the University as well as higher apprenticeships.

Higher apprenticeships allow you to study, whilst in employment, and gain a level 4 (or level 5) qualification.

When do degree apprenticeships open?

Degree apprenticeships are open for application at any point in the year. However, you will need to ensure that your employer has agreed to be involved with your enrolment on the apprenticeship. 

Once you’ve received confirmation from your employer, you will need to ask them to enquire directly through the specific apprenticeship course page.  

Once your employer has enquired, our apprenticeships team will get in touch with them to discuss the next steps in the process. Enrolment runs in September and January each year.

When do degree apprenticeships open for 2024? 

Applications for degree apprenticeships in 2024 are open all year round.  Enrolment is normally in September or January, depending on the specific degree apprenticeship course. 

When do degree apprenticeships come out? 

The degree apprenticeships we offer are available all year round. We also have new apprenticeship courses being added and developed on a regular basis. 

When do degree apprenticeships start?

Degree apprenticeships start at different times of the year, depending on the course of study. 

Enrolment is generally in September or January every year; however, this can change depending on the choice of apprenticeship you want to study. 

When to apply for degree apprenticeships?

There is no exact date to apply for our apprenticeships. They are open all year round, however, the application route is slightly different from traditional degree courses. 

The learner must meet all the requirements, including the apprenticeship course entry requirements, be in employment, working at least 30 hours a week.  

The employer needs to agree to the apprenticeship, as they will be funding part of the course. 

At this point, the employer will need to enquire about the apprenticeship directly through the specific degree apprenticeship course page. 

When do you apply for degree apprenticeships? 

You cannot apply directly for degree apprenticeships, but your employer can enquire about an apprenticeship you wish to apply for at any point in the year. 

When to apply for degree apprenticeships 2024?

There is no exact date you need to apply for a degree apprenticeship in 2024. However, you cannot apply directly to the degree apprenticeships – you’ll need your employer to make an enquiry to our apprenticeships team about the course you wish to study.