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The University of Gloucestershire welcomes students from all around the world and, as such, we have international representatives based in many countries all over the globe. We also run events in different countries around the world, giving you the opportunity to find out more about the University and what studying in the UK entails. You're also welcome to contact our team in the UK if you have any questions.

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to work out what your qualifications equate to in the UK education system. Our country-specific information should help you decide which level of study is most appropriate for you.

Entry Requirements

University Staff Representatives

Agent Representatives

Entry Requirements  

  • Successful completion of Senior High School Year 2 with an average of 65% OR Senior High School Year 3 with a Pass
Undergraduate (Bachelor)
  • Successful completion of Senior High School


  • Completion of a recognised foundation course 
Graduate Diploma (pre-Masters/MBA)
  • Successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree with an average of GPA2.3 out of 4.0 or 60%


  • 5-Year Junior College Diploma with an average of 70% 
Postgraduate (Taught Masters)
  • Completion of a Bachelor degree from a National University with a Pass OR from a recognised university with an average of 70% 
Postgraduate (Research)
  • Completion of a Bachelor degree from a National University with a pass OR from a recognised university with an average of 70%  
English language requirements
  • Find out more about the English Language qualifications you'll need here

University Staff Representatives

Rebecca Smith, International Marketing & Student Recruitment Manager (East Asia), International Marketing & Student Recruitment Team.
Email: rsmith6@glos.ac.uk

Agent Representatives

Our agents offer you support in your own country and language, helping you with your application, student visa, logistical considerations and questions about studying in the UK. These services are typically free of charge and can make the process easier. 

Global Education Alliance Ltd. (GEA)
Web:                http://www.geaworld.org/Taiwan
Email:              info@geaworld.org
Tel:                  +886 2-2701-7692
Office(s):          Taipei.

Web:                www.idp.com/taiwan
Email:               info.kaohsiung@idp.com; info.taichung@idp.com; info.taipei@idp.com
Tel:                   +886 2 2773 8111
Office(s):          Kaohsiung; Taichung; and Taipei.

UKEAS Worldwide Limited
Web:                www.ukeas.com.tw
Email:               taipei.office@ukeas.com
Tel:                   +886 2 2370 9780
Office(s):          Hsinchu; Kaohsiung; Keelung; Taichung; Tainan; Taipei; Taoyuan.

OxBridge Holdings, Inc.

12F, No 295, Jhongsiao E. Road, Sec. 4, Taipei 10696, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2779-0801
Web: www.oxbrige.com.tw