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The University of Gloucestershire welcomes students from all around the world and, as such, we have international representatives based in many countries all over the globe. We also run events in different countries around the world, giving you the opportunity to find out more about the University and what studying in the UK entails. You're also welcome to contact our team in the UK if you have any questions.

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to work out what your qualifications equate to in the UK education system. Our country-specific information should help you decide which level of study is most appropriate for you.

Entry requirements

Agent representatives


Entry requirements  

Undergraduate (Bachelors)
  • Pass the Diploma de Bacalaureat (Baccalaureate Diploma) with a minimum overall grade of 8.
  • English language requirements: achieve a minimum of Cambridge CAE/CPE grade C or above, or equivalent.

  • Other qualifications, such as work experience, may also be taken into consideration in addition to the requirements listed below and all applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Please note that some courses may require higher entry requirements and/or English language requirements. You are advised to check with the individual course, or check the conditions stated in your offer letter.

Postgraduate (Masters)
  • Successful completion of Bachelors Degree or Diploma de Ingener with good grades
  • Successful completion of Diploma de Licenta with good grades
Postgraduate (Research)
  • Successful Completion of Masters Degree with good grades
English language requirements
  • Find out more about the English Language qualifications you'll need here

Where to meet us

We'll post details of any education fairs that we'll be attending in your country here.​​ You can also visit one of the agents listed below who will be happy to provide more information about the univeristy. 

Agent representatives

UKStudy Romania
Aleea Capidava nr. 3, Constanta, Romania, 900456

Contact: Andreea Nelson Twakor 
Tel: +4 0736538740

IntegralEdu - Birou Bucureşti
Bd. General Gh. Magheru Nr. 41, Et. 1, Sector 1
Bucureşti, 010326
Tel: 021 311 6003, 04
IntegralEdu - Birou Constanţa 
Bd. Alexandru Lapusneanu nr. 107, bl. LV40, sc. A
Tel: 0341 415 305
IntegralEdu - Birou Craiova
Str. Stirbei Voda, nr. 7A, et. 2
Tel: 0251 453 758
IntegralEdu – Birou Galaţi
Str Brăilei, 171A, et. 2
Tel: 0372 760 344 
IntegralEdu - Birou Iași
Str. Sfântul Lazăr, nr. 27, et.1
Tel: 0232 709 500
IntegralEdu - Birou Timişoara
Str. Eugeniu de Savoya, nr. 13, et.1
Tel: 0256 493 930

EDMUNDO - Birou Bucuresti
Adresa: Strada Colței, Nr. 8, Sectorul 3, Cod Postal 030246, București
Tel: 031 814 2920

EDMUNDO – Birou Iasi
Adresa: Strada Păcurari nr. 110 et. 3 (lângă Şcoala "Petru Poni"), Cod Poștal 700514, Iaşi
Tel: 031 814 2920

EDMUNDO – Birou Timisoara
Adresa: Piața Victoriei, Nr. 1, Et. 1, Ap. 9, Timișoara, Cod Poștal 300030
Tel: 031 814 2920