Starting university

You'll need to enrol on your course at the start of each academic year.

You'll need to have your identity checked and collect your university ID card too.​

​​​​​​​Log into your university network account   

Your student network account gives you ​access to all the university's online facilities including your Student Record, the MyGlos student app, Microsoft Office 365 and Moodle (our e-learning environment).

If you've already used the Applicant Portal then the password you used to access this will allow you to access Online Enrolment.

How to access the network for the fir​st time and how ​to reset your password

Enrol online

Online enrolment is a simple process that confirms your study programme, allows you to check your personal details and confirms arrangements for paying your tuition fees. 

Please enrol when you're prompted to do so, and no later than 14 calendar days from the start of your course. When you've completed this you'll have full access to the student network, be able to use the university's library resources and collect your university identity card.​ 

Non EU/EAA nationals?

Need help?

Get your ID checked

You'll need to have your identity checked by a member of university staff within 14 calendar-days of the start of the course. Your ID will usually be checked on either your moving-in day, PGCE induction week or international induction week. ​

Accepted documents for your ID check

UK/EU students studying on university premises

International students

Distance learning students

​Get your university ID card

You'll need to carry a university ID card while you're on university premises.

As well as identifying you as a member of the university, you can use ID card is used for:

  • borrowing books and other materials from university libraries
  • paying for photocopying, printing, workbooks and other items sold in the libraries
  • accessing restricted areas eg the extended hours area within libraries.

How to apply for your ID card

Download your student app

MyGlos is your student app, which brings together everything you need at uni, personalised to you. Whether you're checking your lectures, looking for information or seeing what's happening on campus, it's all in one place.

You can also access the desktop version of MyGlos at

Find out more about MyGlos

Choose your modules

Once you've enrolled you'll be able to choose your modules, to tailor your degree to your interests.

You'll be able to choose from core modules for your subject and optional modules to reach the amount of credits you need to complete your course. Find out more about MyGlos

Check course timetables

Timetables will normally be available 4 weeks before the start of a course. Teaching can take place any day from Monday to Friday, between 9.15am and 9.15pm. For some courses there may be activities at the weekend.