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Enrolling at university

Induction and what happens next.

Enrolment at the university is an online process that you can complete remotely. You will be emailed when it is time to enrol – please do so as soon as you are prompted and follow the instructions in the email.

Enrolling is a simple process which you complete at the start of each academic year where you check that your details are correctly recorded and confirm arrangements for paying your tuition fees. If you are expecting a Student Loan, we will confirm your enrolment to providers in readiness for your first loan payment to be released.

To enrol you will need to have:

Non-EU/EAA nationals

We’re required to check that all non-EU/EAA nationals have permission to study in the UK.

If this applies to you then you’ll need to show your immigration documents before enrolling. We’ll tell you how to do this and details will be available on the visas and immigration webpages.