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How to apply

Applying for an apprenticeship

We work with employers to offer a range of higher and degree apprenticeships which provide excellent opportunities for learners across a range of subject areas.

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Most apprenticeship applications are made through your employer and they will give you the link to the University’s online application form. They will also let you know the deadline for completing the University application form. If you need further information about speaking to your employer about starting an apprenticeship, visit our learners’ guide.

When you apply for an apprenticeship, there is a lot of information we need to collect from you and several steps that we need to complete within the University before you can start your course.

This guide explains what will happen, what information you will need to give us and where you can find the information you need.

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Find out more about the apprenticeships we offer.

Applying for an apprenticeship: our 4-step guide

1. Complete the university application

Your employer will give you the link to the University application. We collect information about you, your education and your employment. We particularly need to know about your apprenticeship employer.

You may have provided this information to your employer, but we still need it so we can set you up on our systems.

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2. Log into Aptem

Aptem is the University’s online apprenticeship system where we keep all the evidence needed to complete your apprenticeship.

We’ll send you log in details and you will be able to log in with the email address on your application and the password you set up.

Before you start, you need to complete the initial stage (onboarding) so that we have the evidence confirming you are eligible for the course.

3. Sign the paperwork

Once we’ve completed our checks (see our checks below for more information about the documents you will need to upload to Aptem), you will be ready to sign the paperwork.

Both you and your employer will both need to electronically sign the apprenticeship paperwork in Aptem.

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4. Enrol as a student

Once you have completed everything in Aptem, your place on the course will be confirmed and you will be able to enrol as a student.

You will get an email saying ‘Enrol now’ when enrolment opens for you. Information about enrolling, including contact details for people who can help if you have specific questions, can be found on MyGlos in the ‘Getting ready to start university’ section.

Once you’ve enrolled, you will be able to access the University’s online systems and resources.

You will also be invited to an induction after we’ve received your application – keep an eye out for an invitation to your first day at university.

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Contact the admissions team if you have any questions about what you need to do.

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Most of the communications we send out will be via email. Make sure you give us the correct email address and check your inbox regularly. If you don’t hear from us, check your junk and spam folders to make sure our emails haven’t been filed there, and if you can’t see anything please contact us to check we have the correct email address for you.

After you submit your application we’ll send you an acknowledgement confirming receipt, which includes your student number. If you receive this, you will know that your email address is correct on our system and that our emails are reaching you.

Our checks

We check all of the following – you will need to provide evidence of these in Aptem:

Frequently asked questions


You can get in touch with us using the options below​.​


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