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Your offer

Once we’ve received your application and you’ve attended an interview (if your course requires it) then we’ll be able to tell you if we can make you an offer. If you receive an offer this handy breakdown will help you to understand that offer and what your next steps are.

Understanding your offer

  • Unconditional offer – your offer is unconditional if you:
    • have already met the academic qualifications needed (and our English Language requirements if you’re an international student)
    • are not required to meet any further conditions.
  • Conditional offer – your offer is conditional if you:
    • still have exams to take and you will need to pass them with specific qualifications in order to get your place confirmed
    • still have English Language requirements to meet
    • have applied to a course which has additional requirements such as a DBS check or declaration of health.
  • Unsuccessful / withdrawn – we’re unable to offer you a place.

For some courses, you’ll require further clearance checks before enrolling at university in September or January.

If you’ve been made an offer, here’s what you need to do:

Attending a campus visit day

If you have any questions, get in touch:

Student Mental Health & Wellbeing: