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Kieren Phelps

"I’ve illustrated many editorial magazines and books since I first became an illustrator in 1982, including for the Sunday Times, Radio Times, the Listener, Car magazine, Nursing Times, Penguin, Longman, and Oxford University Press. I have explored many different media in the last 20 years, producing animated films, illustrations and a graphic novel using digital 'natural media' software. More recently I’ve made a return to traditional, black and white pen and ink."

  • Course Leader: Jen Whiskerd
  • Senior Tutor: Bill Burford

Level 4

Module CATs
To complete your programme you must pass the following compulsory modules:
AD4007: Drawing 1 15
AD4008: Drawing 2 15
AD4501: Introduction To Illustration 30
AD4507: Illustration Skills 30
AD4508: Introduction to Animation 30

Level 5

Module CATs
To complete your programme you must pass the following compulsory modules:
AD5500: The Professional Illustrator 15
AD5509: Practice as Research 30
AD5510: Sequential Illustration 30
AD5511: Illustration for Children 30
To complete your programme you must pass 15 credits from the following:
AD5005: Self-Publishing 15
AD5512: Narrative Animation 15

Level 6

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