Sports Massage Clinic

Despite the common misconception, Sports Massage is not just for athletes. There are many benefits of massage beyond those seen in a sporting context, helping to alleviate stress and strains related to poor posture; lighten aches and pains and release occupational related tension.

Benefits of Sports Massage include:

      • Release of muscular tension and discomfort
      • Improve posture
      • Improve circulation and removal of waste products
      • Increase muscle length
      • Reduce the effect of DOMS (Delay Onset Muscle Soreness)
      • Assist with recovery following sports performance

What to expect from your Sports Massage appointment?

For your initial consultation, the therapist will go through a series of questions regarding your general health and past medical history and will take notes on your reasons for visiting the clinic. A plan will be devised on how the treatment will be approached and executed by the therapist, who will communicate throughout the treatment to ensure safe practice. Aftercare advice will be given prior to you leaving the clinic to ensure you have all the necessary information to see the longer lasting effects of your treatment. 

Treatments can include:

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Stretching programmes

Am I eligible to attend?

Our clinic welcomes all University staff, students and the general public. Sports massage is not just for the sporting population, we can help with general aches and pains from occupational tension.

We recommend wearing appropriate clothing to ensure we can perform a comprehensive evaluation. We recommend loose shorts/vest tops and trainers if possible. Please note, you may be asked to partially undress as part of the evaluation or treatment, however, we will take appropriate measures to preserve privacy and dignity.

Who will be treating me?

All care is provided by sports therapy students, who have completed all prerequisite modules to ensure safe clinical practice. The students are in their final semester of their degree programme (BSc Hons Sports Therapy; MSc Sports Therapy) and they are governed by The Society of Sports Therapists and have to follow Standards of Conduct Performance & Ethics and Standards of Proficiency.

Who are the clinical supervisors?

All students are supervised by qualified members of the teaching team.

How do I book and what will it cost?

To book please use our online booking system.

The appointments are free of charge as we are a learning environment.

Academic courses


Are the Clinics open to the public?

Yes.  The Sports Massage and Injury Clinics are open to the public plus the staff and students of the University.

Where are the Sports Massage and Injury Clinics?

The clinics are located inside the Sports Therapy suites at Oxstalls Campus, Longlevens, Glocuester, GL2 9HW. To view a map of Oxstalls campus please click here.

Can I park my car on Campus?

Yes, there are plenty of spaces available, including disabled provision. All parking is pay and display. We are also on the 94 Bus route.

Are the Injury and Sports Massage Clinics just for sports minded people?

No, both of our clinics can also benefit non-sporting individuals:

  • Injured yourself at home or in work? 
  • Feeling tense or stressed?
  • Suffering from poor posture?
  • Have tired, aching muscles?

Do I need Sports Massage or an injury clinic appointment?

If you have sustained a sporting/non-sporting joint or muscular injury then we would advise you book to see the injury clinic in the first instance.  If you are suffering from sports related tightness or are suffering from stress, are feeling tense or have tired and aching muscles then we recommend you visit the massage clinic.

What should I wear to my appointment?

We advise all clients to wear loose clothing.  This will aid the practitioners to carry out their assessments, please note you may be asked to undress at certain points for treatment purposes, but all efforts will be made to preserve dignity and privacy.

Can I book a Sports Massage if I am pregnant?

Clients who are pregnant can receive a sports massage, providing it is uncomplicated pregnancy and they are in their 2nd trimester (week 16 or over). 

Can young people book an appointment for Sports Massage or for the injury clinic?

Yes - but clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.