Equality and diversity

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The University of Gloucestershire is committed to providing a quality student and staff experience, advancing equality and diversity and to building a strong sense of community within the university, as well as supporting positive links with local communities.  

Our Equality and Diversity policy requires staff and students to behave in a non-discriminatory manner and treat each other with respect. It sets out how the University of Gloucestershire will create a positive environment in which students and staff, present and prospective, are valued and provided with development and progression opportunities to reach their full potential.​​

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Equality objectives

At the University of Gloucestershire you are guaranteed commitment to a quality student and staff experience, which supports equality and diversity and builds a strong sense of community within the university, as well as supporting our positive links in the local community.

The university’s equality objectives have been established following analysis of published data, identification of outstanding actions from previous equality schemes and consultation with key stakeholders.

The equality objectives are our statements of intent to develop beyond our legal requirements. They are in line with the University of Gloucestershire’s identified values and help to frame the individual actions to improve the experience of students and staff.​

View our achievement​s agains​t priorities by year:

A​chievements against priorities 2018​/19​

A​chievements against priorities 2017/18​

​​Achievements against priorities 2016/17

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Clare Peterson, Equality and Diversity Manager or Anna Hay, Head of Student Wellbeing.

Staff and student support

Throughout your time at the University of Gloucestershire, you’ll receive specific support according to your needs. We offer a range of support services.

Specific support for students includes:

  • The Don’t Hate campaign, which invites you to challenge your ideas around issues of diversity, difference and vulnerability
  • Student services department
  • The chaplaincy, which supports students from all faiths or none
  • The disability, dyslexia and learning support service
  • The Students’ Union (SU) and the Elected Officer Team
  • The LGBT society
  • Dignity advisers provide confidential support and advice

Specific support for staff includes: 

  • Dedicated dignity advisers to offer confidential support and advice
  • Occupational health (university staff only)
  • Chaplaincy.

Equality and diversity data

We are keen to collect as much equality data as we can, enabling us to build a rich picture of both our students and staff. We make use of it to identify priorities to improve student and staff experiences, to inform our equality impact assessments, to influence recruitment practices for students and staff and measure the impact and progress of our activities.

Overview of student data for the last five years

Overview of staff data for the last five years​​

*This data is collated from the information available on the protected characteristics of students and staff at the University of Gloucestershire. The university has plans to increase the breadth of data published in future years increasing the range of information relating to other protected characteristics.

​​Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Staff information (anonymised) including data relating to protected characteristics


Policies and procedures

Legislation and guidance