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Sport management guide

Interested in studying a degree in sport management? Check out our helpful guide on sport management.
Discover what sport management is, which courses are available to study in sport management, job opportunities and more. 

What is a sport management degree?

A sport management degree offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience across a range of sectors including sport, business, marketing and events.  

This type of degree allows you to develop skills in managing sports events, facilities and people. You’ll learn the fundamentals of sport business and community sport. Upon completion, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Interested in studying with us? View our sport management course below.

Why study sport management?

There are so many great reasons to study a sport management course. If you’re interested in business, events and sport then a sport business management course is a great choice for you. 

Our sport business management course teaches you the skills to manage sporting events at a range of levels. You’ll learn the fundamentals of sports business and gain commercial knowledge of the industry. 

You’ll be able to gain real-world experiences through professional placements and build industry knowledge through guest lectures from organisations including The Football People, Gloucester Rugby, Aspire Sport and more.

What can you do with sport management degree? 

Depending on the specific sport management degree, there are a range of future career and study options you can consider:

  • Further study such as postgraduate taught, research or developing further to a PhD 
  • Working for a range of sports clubs in rugby, football, cycling 
  • Managing sports events 
  • Teaching secondary education 
  • Careers paths in companies such as The Football Association, Sky Sports, Amazon or IBM.

Interested in studying a sport management degree?

Interested in studying a sport management course at the University? Applications for undergraduate sport management degrees are made through UCAS, while applications for postgraduate sport management degrees are made directly to the university.