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We care about your journey.

Make friends, learn new skills and get involved from day one – we’ll make sure you have an incredible uni experience no matter what.

Your uni experience

Students talking socially distanced

Contact time

We know things have been far from the norm lately, especially when it comes to face-to-face and on-campus learning. But here at UoG we’ve had more on-campus contact time than most universities.

As we navigate a global pandemic, it’s never been more important for students to benefit from safe, practical face-to-face learning. Whether these small, Covid-secure groups are picking up real industry skills, or simply seeing a friendly face and speaking to course mates, being on campus makes the university experience so much more positive and valuable.

Gain confidence

You’ll build the confidence you need to achieve your goals, during and after your time at university. Whether it’s making friends, trying something new or finding out who you really are – university if the perfect place to challenge yourself and discover what makes you happy.

“Without the self-discovery and education that have been encouraged throughout my time here, I would never have become the person I am today.”

Aimee Sullivan, Illustration graduate

Student on campus


Explore the wild and wonderful places across the globe. Once in a lifetime trips and incredible placement opportunities, will broaden your horizons and are a fantastic way to build on your knowledge.

“I was nervous about going to Toronto, but the experience was incredible. It gave us all a chance to develop friendships and I can’t explain how much fun I had. We worked for a client and also collaborated with a university.”

Charlotte Turton, Editorial & Advertising Photography student

Make friends for life

Worried about making new friends? 78% of our students said it’s rarely a problem after induction week.

You’ll be joining a diverse, vibrant and connected community of over 10,000 students from over 60+ countries.

“I didn’t know anyone at first. So, I joined different clubs and societies. It was a great way to meet new people who are now my best friends.”

Sukh Singh, Computing student

International students
Students swimming

“Throw yourself in the deep end and just get involved with everything. You’ll make friends with people you never thought you would. It’s what makes the 3 years.”

Tom Hage, Exercise, Fitness & Health graduate

Unexpected skills

Our students and staff care deeply about the world around them. We’ve developed unexpected skills over the last year, supporting each other and the wider community.


This is Gloria. She is a second-year Accounting & Finance student working as a support worker and healthcare assistant.

She helps with medication, mobility and looks after the wellbeing and safety of the patients under her care. #thisis


This is Ben. He is a final-year Cyber & Computer Security student. He is working with South Western Ambulance and St John Ambulance teams at the Nightingale hospital in Bristol.

He is also supporting volunteers who are using the GoodSAM app. #thisis


This is Molly. She is a third-year Creative Writing student and is volunteering at a local GP surgery in Northamptonshire.

She’s helping the vulnerable in surrounding villages who cannot leave their homes by delivering their prescriptions. #thisis

Discover what matters most to you

Some students have a clear career path when they choose their courses, many are still figuring it out. Everything changes once you get here. It might be that your uni experiences strengthen your passions, or maybe you’ll discover a whole new career option or hobby that you’re passionate about.

Animal Biology student Tolga, partnered with Wildlife ACT for this experience and he was able to conduct invaluable field work with endangered species such as African Wild Dogs, Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Cheetahs, Leopards, and Vultures.

His trips to South Africa helped him form the foundation of his dissertation into the abundance of African Wild Dogs and Lions on the reserve and their prey.

“I worked with Wildlife ACT in South Africa on their conservation efforts for endangered species. It wouldn’t have been possible without the uni sparking my true potential and pushing me to follow my dreams.”

Tolga Aktas, Animal Biology Graduate

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Make friends, learn new skills and get involved from day one.

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