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Applying to undergraduate courses as an international student

Last updated: 13 April 2021

Please note: this guide refers to September entry but the process is the same if you are joining at other times of year. Dates are adjusted accordingly.

Check which of our courses (degree programmes) is the right one for you

Check you meet the entry requirements

You’ll need to check the the course page and your country page to ensure you hold the necessary qualifications. You’ll also need to check that you meet the Englsh Language requirements.

Interviews, auditions and and portfolios

Some courses require an interview, audition or the submission of a portfolio containing examples of your work as part of the application process. Visit our Interviews and requirements page to find out more.

Your application

There are sveral options available to you when it comes to making your application:

Please ensure you submit a complete application, uploading all relevant documents at the time of submission, otherwise the decision process will be delayed. 

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