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Open day FAQs

Last updated: 11 June 2024

What time is my course talk at Francis Close Hall / Hardwick?

Course talks are a key part of your day. Find out when yours is taking place below. One of our friendly student ambassadors will let know where the talk is being held when you check-in.

Which Welcome talk you attend depends on which course you are visiting for. Please scroll to the end of the course talk list for more details. 


  • Architecture – 10.30am, room TC114


  • Biology – 11.30am, room TC007
  • Biomedical Sciences – 12.30pm, room TC007


  • Clinical and Health Psychology – 10.30am, room CE202
  • Creative Writing – 10.30am, room HC201
  • Criminology – 12.30pm, room CE002
  • Criminology and Psychology – 11.30am, room CE202
  • Criminology and Sociology – 12.30pm, room CE002


  • Early Childhood Studies – 11.30am, room HC203
  • Ecology and Environmental Science – 12.30pm, room QU210
  • Education – 1.30pm, room HC202
  • Education, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs – 1.30pm, room HC202
  • English Literature – 10.30am, room HC202
  • English Literature and Creative Writing – 10.30am, room HC201


  • Fine Art – 11.30am, room AP115
  • Forensic Psychology – 1.30pm, room CE102


  • Geography – 11.30am, room TC001


  • History – 10.30am, room HC204
  • Human Geography – 11.30am, room TC001


  • Illustration – 11.30am, room HC303


  • Landscape Architecture – 10.30am, room CL220


  • Photography – 11.30am, room AP018
  • Photography – Editorial and Advertising – 11.30am, room AP018
  • Photojournalism and Documentary Photography – 11.30am, room AP018
  • Primary Education with QTS (BEd) – 12.30pm, room TC001
  • Professional Policing – 11.30am, room CE002
  • Psychology – 12.30pm, room CE102
  • Psychology, Health and Wellbeing (Level 6) – 12.30pm, room HC206


  • Religion, Philosophy and Ethics – 10.30am, room HC203


  • Sociology – 12.30pm, room CE002


  • Wildlife Conservation Biology – 11.30am, room TC007


  • Zoology – 11.30am, room TC007

Welcome Talks:

10:30am – Art (Fine Art and Illustration), Biosciences, Criminology and Policing, Education and Learning, Geography, Photography, Psychological Sciences (Criminology and Psychology, Forensic Psychology only), Sociological Sciences courses.

11:30am – Architecture, Construction and Environment, English and Creative Writing, History, Religion and Philosophy, Psychological Sciences (Clinical and Health Psychology, Psychology and Psychology, Health and Wellbeing (L6) only) courses.

What time is my course talk at Park?

Course talks are a key part of your day. Find out when yours is taking place below. One of our friendly student ambassadors will let know where the talk is being held when you check-in.

Which Welcome talk you attend depends on which course you are visiting for. Please scroll to the end of the course talk list for more details. 


  • Animation – 10.30am, room TC106
  • Artificial Intelligence – 1.30pm, room TC014


  • Communications and Media – 12.30pm, room EW016
  • Computer Games Design – 12.30pm, room TC014
  • Computer Games Programming – 12.30pm, room TC014
  • Computer Science – 1.30pm, room TC014
  • Computing (Level 6) – 1.30pm, room TC014
  • Cyber Security – 1.30pm, room TC014


  • Film Production – 10.30am, room TC006


  • Games Art – 12.30pm. room TC014
  • Graphic Design – 11.30am, room OW001


  • Interior Design – 12.30pm, room DH104


  • Journalism – 11.30am, room EW004
  • Journalism and Communications (Level 6) – 11.30am, room EW004


  • Mechatronics Engineering – 10.30am, room FW015a
  • Music Business – 11.30am, room TC202


  • Popular Music – 11.30am, room TC202


  • Sound and Music Production – 11.30am, room TC202
  • Sports Journalism – 11.30am, room TC208a/b


  • Television Production – 12.30pm, room EW028


  • Visual Communication – 11.30am, room OW001

Welcome talks:

10:30am – Graphic Design, Interior Design, Visual Communications (Level 6) and Game Technologies, Journalism and Music and Sound courses.

11:30am – Computer and Cyber Security and Engineering and Film, Media and Television courses.

What time is my course talk at Oxstalls?

Course talks are a key part of your day. Find out when yours is taking place below. One of our friendly student ambassadors will let know where the talk is being held when you check-in.

Which Welcome talk you attend depends on which course you are visiting for. Please scroll to the end of the course talk list for more details. 


  • Accounting and Business Management – 1.00pm, room BG003
  • Accounting and Finance- 1.00pm, room BG003
  • Applied Sport and Exercise Studies (Level 6) – please visit the Sport and Exercise counter.


  • Business and Management – 12.00pm, room BG019
  • Business and Management (Digital Business) – 12.00pm, room BG019
  • Business and Management (Enterprise and Innovation) – 12.00pm, room BG019
  • Business and Management (Human Resource Management) – 12.00pm, room BG019
  • Business and Management (Law) – 12.00pm, room BG019
  • Business and Marketing Management – 1.00pm, room BG012/013
  • Business Management and Strategy (Level 6) – 12.00pm, room BG019


  • Dance – 10.30am, room SC065
  • Dance (Level 6) – 10.30am, room SC065
  • Diagnostic Radiography – 12.30pm, room TC203
  • Drama and Performance Practice – 10.30am, room SC066
  • Drama and Performance Practice (Level 6) – 10.30am, room SC066


  • Health and Social Care (CertHE) – 12.30pm, room TC119
  • Healthcare Science (Opthalmic Imaging) – 1.30pm, room TC226
  • Healthcare Science (Vascular Science) – 1.30pm, room TC226


  • International Business Management – 12.00pm, room BG119
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management – 1.00pm, room BG217


  • Law – 1.00pm, room BG223/224
  • Law (Corporate Law) – 1.00pm, room BG223/224
  • Law (Individual Rights) – 1.00pm, room BG223/224


  • Marketing – 1.00pm, room BG012/013
  • Marketing (Advertising and Branding) – 1.00pm, room BG012/013
  • Marketing (Consumer Behaviour Insights) – 1.00pm, room BG012/013
  • Marketing (Digital Innovation) – 1.00pm, room BG012/013


  • Nursing (Adult) – 12.30pm, room TC017/018
  • Nursing (Blended Learning) – 12.30pm, room TC017/018
  • Nursing (Learning Disabilities) – 12.30pm, room TC017/018
  • Nursing (Mental Health) – 12.30pm, room TC017/018


  • Occupational Therapy – 12.30pm, room TC118
  • Operating Department Practice – 12.30pm, room TC103


  • Paramedic Science – 1.30pm, room TC017/018
  • Performing Arts – 12.30pm, room SC065
  • Performing Arts (Level 6) – 12.30pm, room SC065
  • Physical Education – 12pm, Sports Arena (please catch the bus from Oxstalls at 11.40am)
  • Physiotherapy – 12.30pm, room SC060


  • Social Work – 12.30pm, room TC226
  • Sport and Exercise Sciences – 11.30am, room SC161/162
  • Sport Business Management – 1.00pm, room BG101
  • Sport Business Management (High Performance Leadership) – 1.00pm, room BG101
  • Sport, Coaching and Physical Education – 12.00pm, Sports Arena (please catch the bus from Oxstalls at 11.40am)
  • Sports Performance – 12.00pm, room SC130
  • Sports Therapy – 11.30am, room SC134
  • Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation – 12.30pm, room SC164


Welcome talks:

10:30am – Accounting and Finance, Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Events, Law, Marketing, Sport and Exercise courses.

11:30am – Health and Social Care and Performing Arts and Production courses.

General FAQs

How do I know which campus to attend?

UoG has three key campuses. Please check which one you need to attend.
Park – Computing, Engineering, Design, Media
Francis Close Hall* – Education, Humanities, Art and Natural and Social sciences, Fine Art, Photography
Oxstalls – Business, Accounting, Law, Sports, Health and Social Care, Performing Arts
* including Hardwick

Is parking available?

Yes, and it’s free for all open day attendees.

There are limited spaces available at Francis Close Hall so please park at the nearby Hardwick campus (GL50 4BS), a 5-minute walk away along St. Paul’s Road.

Alternatively, you can park at Cheltenham Racecourse Park and Ride (GL50 4SH, off New Barn Lane) and take the free bus which runs every 15 mins from 9am, and takes 15 minutes to get to Francis Close Hall.

If you want to reserve an accessible parking bay on campus, please let us know by emailing in advance of the event.  

How do I reach you by public transport?

Francis Close Hall and Park

By train
The closest rail station is Cheltenham Spa – around 20​ minutes’ walk from both campuses

By bus
Cheltenham has two Park and Ride facilities.


By train
The closest railway station is Gloucester – around 20 minutes’ walk from campus.

By bus
A short walk from the station is Gloucester city centre where you can catch the number 94 Stagecoach bus service. It stops on Cheltenham Road, opposite the campus.

Where do I go on arrival?

Follow the welcome signs that will lead you to the check-in stand where you’ll receive your digital guide. You’ll be able to book a campus tour and enjoy some welcome drinks while you wait for your day to get underway.

What should I bring?

Please have a recent booking confirmation email handy but all we’ll need on arrival is your full name. You’ll receive a notebook and a pencil on the day to jot things down.

Can I bring friends or family?

Yes, you can bring up to two guests with you. If you’d like to bring any more, please let us know by emailing

Will refreshments be provided?

Yes, we’ll have complimentary welcome drinks. Refectories will be open if you’d like to buy lunch or snacks, or feel free to bring something with you as there are lots of tables and benches for you to eat at.

What about dietary requirements?

There are gluten and nut-free options for you to choose from in the refectories.

What time does the day finish?

Scheduled sessions will finish around 3pm but you might stay a little later if you choose to visit off-campus accommodation and facilities via the free shuttle bus which runs from Oxstalls and Francis Close Hall.

Will I get to speak to the relevant lecturer/s?

Academics will be available to chat to at the stands in the open day hub or after the course talk when you’ll have the opportunity to ask any extra questions.

Can I look at accommodation options?

Absolutely. On-campus accommodation at Oxstalls and Park will be available to view.

In Gloucester you can also hop on a free shuttle bus to look at off-site accommodation at Blackfriars. Situated in the heart of the city it features a host of ensuite rooms.  A free shuttle bus service to and from Blackfriars will be running on the day.

From Francis Close Hall, the shuttle bus will also take you to Pittville student village in Cheltenham, a hub of activity with 800 student rooms, social spaces, gym, studio and study suite. You can look at some of the student accommodation that’s available and check out where it is in relation to campus and Cheltenham town centre.

What time do the free shuttlebuses run?

View the shuttlebus timetable.

A free shuttlebus service – hop-on, hop-off – will be running all day.

If you’re in Gloucester the bus will head to Oxstalls Sports Park (the international-standard sports arena with a tennis centre, hockey pitch and 3G and 4G all-weather pitches) and Blackfriars accommodation.

If you’re in Cheltenham you can take the bus to the accommodation at Pittville Student Village but also to the park and ride, so you can collect your car if you’ve parked there.

Is free WiFi available?

Yes. Once you’re on campus, text OPENDAY24 to 07860 039 833 and you’ll receive login details via SMS. You will immediately receive a return SMS containing your personal Wi-fi username and password. Select Eduroam Wi-fi on your device and enter your username and password. You are then online.

What can I check out locally when my day has finished?

Francis Close Hall

With Cheltenham town centre just a 5 – 10 minute walk away, you should definitely take a look. The Brewery Quarter has a great range of restaurants, lively bars and entertainment and a little further into town you’ll find specialist shops and cafés to explore.


Just 15 minutes’ walk from the centre of Cheltenham and less than 10 minutes’ walk from Montpellier, you’ll be right on the doorstep of Cheltenham’s best restaurants, scenic green spaces, bars, shops and cafés.


Located in the heart of Gloucester, Oxstalls is approximately 25 minutes’ walk from the city centre giving you easy access to the city’s bars, shops, historic docks, venues and cafés.

Next to Blackfriars accommodation is Gloucester Quays where you’ll find a vast range of restaurants with waterside views and a popular designer outlet.

Are your campuses wheelchair accessible?

Yes. UoG is committed to ensuring that all students can access their studies and training with us, regardless of disability. If you’re coming with a wheelchair or mobility scooter, please email us at in advance of the event so we can make sure we’re ready to show you around.

I still have questions…

Email us at and we’ll do our best to help you.

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