University of Gloucestershire welcomes students from all around the world and, as such, we have international representatives based in many countries all over the globe. We also run events in different countries around the world, giving you the opportunity to find out more about the University and what studying in the UK entails. You're also welcome to contact our team in the UK if you have any questions.

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to work out what your qualifications equate to in the UK education system. Our country-specific information should help you decide which level of study is most appropriate for you.

Entry Requirements

Student Profiles


Entry Requirements  

  • High School Graduation Diploma; 2.8 GPA (No SAT or ACT required) or High School Graduation Diploma; 2.5 GPA plus relative SAT and/or ACT. SAT subscores (Critical Reading & Mathematics); 500. ACT composite score; Foundation: 24+
Undergraduate (Bachelors)
We accept the following stand-alone qualifications for entry onto our degree programmes:
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum of 26 points
  • Advanced Placement International Diploma with an average Grade 3 or above
  • Community College 1 year of study with a GPA of 2.7/4.0
  • Associates Degree with minimum GPA of 2.7/4.0
We also accept completion of one of the following qualifications and US Grade 11 English minimum 65%
  • High School Diploma with a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or above
  • ACT with a score of 21 or above
  • SAT I with a score of 1200 or above

(Note: if you took the SAT I before May 2016 we accept a minimum score of 1600)

PLUS one of the following or a combination of the following qualifications:
  • 2 Advanced Placement Tests with Grade 3 or above
  • 2 International Baccalaureate Certificates
  • 2 SAT II subject tests with 550 or above in each
  • 3 College Level Classes with a GPA of 2.7 or above
  • 3 High School Honours Classes with a GPA of 2.7 or above
Postgraduate (Masters)
  • Successful completion of 4 year Bachelor degree with minimum 65%
Postgraduate (Research)
  • Successful completion of 4 year Bachelor degree with minimum 70%
English language requirements
  • Find out more about the English Language qualifications you'll need here

Student Profiles

Carly Day - BCA Student


I think the thing that I like best about my courses is that I play a large role in determining where I want to take my studies. Most of my courses have one or two assignments; usually essays that are relatively open to interpretation. I can pick a topic that I am interested in and explore it further.

I have gained a wider understanding of cultural differences. I thought that things would be so similar here because we speak the same language and the areas seem similar, but there are definitely more differences than similarities. I have gained new friends, and the opportunity to grow as an individual in numerous ways. The housing here has allowed me to become very close to the people that I have shared a floor with, and I will miss that a lot when returning home.


Sarah Poulle - MSc Accounting and Financial Management

I think the whole town of Cheltenham is seen as small, but has quite a bit to offer.  There are plenty of parks around town, which are lovely places to go when the weather gets nice and you can sit by the water and eat ice cream. Thus, some of my high points have definitely been times outside of the classroom.  The Guy Fawkes Firework celebration and carnival at the racecourse was definitely one of my most memorable times here.  The show was spectacular and the carnival was fun with the rides and games

What I like best about the course is the structure.  Lots of time to read and do research on my own time has always been something I found to work better for me.  I like going to lecture once a week and taking away certain topics to further research and bring back and discuss the following session.  I also have the freedom to look into things that interest me personally which relate to the course, which makes learning more enjoyable.

Being an international student, I feel taking back the knowledge I acquired here will give me an edge.  Especially in the field of accounting, where the United States is in the midst of a major debate deciding whether or not to implement international reporting standards, which are used here, in the UK.  Being exposed to and becoming familiar with these different standards is sure to give me an advantage in a market where experience with IFRS is limited.


Matthew Ward - BA Marketing, Advertising and Communications


The variety of relevant modules offered to support my degree and without a doubt the opportunity to work in a paid placement for a year as part of my degree.  I am, in fact, currently on my placement year with IDEC (the International Development Centre) here at the University of Gloucestershire. There are also opportunities to work for global companies like BMW, Intel and Bosch, all of which I have friends currently working for, but UoG was the right fit for me as I wanted to stay local to Cheltenham while completing my placement.

It’s hard to pick stand-out high points because of the countless fun nights with friends. I also get a great feeling of accomplishment when I am praised for my work in a module, or when a presentation goes well. Because we spend extensive periods of time working on group projects in most of my Marketing, Advertising and Communications courses it’s a great sense of accomplishment and dare I say a relief when we finally make our presentations and submit our reports. And certainly a cause for celebration!