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C11 Cyber Security and Digital Innovation Centre

The Secure Zone

The Secure Zone is a government-grade, access-controlled space designed for discretion and security.

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Secure Events & Working

Our second open-plan zone is access controlled, giving greater privacy and safety to those companies which require it.

A large and versatile space, it can be similarly configured for presentations, events and conferences; as well as smaller meetings and breakout sessions.

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Secure training

Our secure labs offer specialist facilities for private tech meetings. Perfect for training and development, the PC lab is equipped with high spec PCs, capable of open or closed network configurations, along with interactive presentation equipment.

With guaranteed privacy and security, these facilities give you the appropriate space to debut new technologies, gather stakeholder feedback, and collaborate on classified projects; with the utmost peace of mind.  

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Restricted Facility

Housed in an exclusive environment, with government-approved security, our restricted facility is a world-class base for the most sensitive cyber and digital work.

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Getting here

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