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C11 Cyber Security and Digital Innovation Centre

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to C11

C11 Cyber Security and Innovation Centre is a secure environment for the cyber community of Gloucestershire to work, innovate, learn and network.

What can C11 offer?

  • Cyber/digital training
  • Access controlled, secure workspace
  • Conferences and networking
  • Demo zone of latest cyber technology
  • ‘C11 Associate’ Membership
  • Technology zone for start-up and scale-up businesses

Located at The Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park, Berkeley on the banks of the River Severn, a now regenerated former nuclear power station site equipped with the latest technology to meet the cyber security challenges facing your business.

C11 membership packages and facilities hire

Cyber security is one of the biggest risks facing businesses today in a world in which data is paramount

The threats are, often in news headlines and global in scale but equally there are risks facing all businesses. To face these challenges you need people who have the right answers and a workforce that will ask the right questions.

C11 has been set up by the University of Gloucestershire to meet the needs of the Gloucestershire cyber community. The University is working with local and national partners to develop talent and bring brilliant minds and brilliant businesses together.

What can you expect from C11 Cyber and Digital Centre?

The core offer of C11 is set up around four open and two restricted access ‘Zones’. Here’s a brief summary of what you will find in each. Why not visit us to find out more and see the new facilities for yourself.

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