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School of Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

Provide personal and practical support to help people live their lives.

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What is a health and social care degree course?

Working in health and social care is about providing personal and practical support to help people live their lives. 

Health and social care courses and degrees can include the following course subjects:

With a huge demand for workers, plenty of opportunities for progression and a job in which 96% of workers said they feel their work makes a difference. It’s a rewarding career where you can make a difference to someone’s life.

What career options are there with a health and social care degree course?

Graduates entering the sector can expect to work in a variety of settings including care homes or hospices, community centres, hostels, homeless shelters, schools, hospitals, medical laboratories.

Some graduate jobs in health and social care include:

Do I need a health and social care degree?

For many graduate health and social care careers you must be a registered professional. You’ll need a relevant approved degree and to register with a professional body to work in these roles.

For some roles such as paramedic, physiotherapist and occupational therapist, it’s possible to work your way up from assistant level through in-service, work based learning, including degree-level study. However postgraduate study is an essential part of training in a number of roles such as pharmacy and clinical psychology. In other areas such as nursing and midwifery, you can consider taking post-registration courses at postgraduate level in order to specialise.

For social work roles you will also need work experience of working in a care setting. Experience can be paid or voluntary and may include helping out at a local youth club or care home for the elderly or caring for a relative or a friend.

Why should someone choose University of Gloucestershire for their health and social care degree?

At University of Gloucestershire we offer the following undergraduate health and social care degree courses:

Our students get hands-on practice using professional simulation facilities in real healthcare settings.

Social Work – Simulation centres offer students a safe place to practice their approach to challenging situations, with mock environments and professional actors. Scenarios are set up in imitation prison cells, court rooms, houses and hospitals.

Paramedic Science – Lifecast body simulation manikins to practice patient treatment, access our simulation ambulance and use the iSimulate Realiti defibrillator and ECG simulation systems.

Nursing – Our brand new nursing facilities within a versatile clinical room allow you to learn the techniques and knowledge required to be a successful nurse in the 21st century Find out more about our School of Health and Social Care here.

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