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Research priority area

Applied Business and Technology

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Applied Business and Technology priority area is focused on enhancing an organisation’s resilience to its environment, improving its internal resources’ effectiveness and good governance, and ensuring productive relationships for the benefit of its stakeholders and partners.

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The research priority area addresses subjects across a wide spectrum that impact on international, regional and local commercial and social enterprise, and organisations.

The highly rated research addresses real contemporary challenges confronting a fast changing and dynamic world, whether in the private, public or third sectors.

Thinking with creativity and innovation underpins the research expertise that leads to new and novel approaches to applying research in a wide array of practical approaches and solutions. 

The research activity across the ABT research priority area is focussed on a multidisciplinary approach across business and entrepreneurship, services marketing, cyber security, and technology and engineering.

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Business and entrepreneurship

This area of research has developed from work that addresses education, management, leadership, skills and expertise capacity building needs within large, medium and small organisations.

A wide body of research informs a greater understanding of how businesses, structures and organisations interact and respond to their environment and supply chain, to underpin their existence and welfare in an ever increasing digital world.

Services marketing

This area of research looks beyond traditional concerns that focus on marketing functions and the organisation itself.

These include consuming behaviours, including cultural anthropology in marketing and consumer identity, and the digitalisation and digital environments from supply chain integration to engagement with technology as an alternative consumer-to-consumer exchange mechanism. In examining these concerns, we take a critical stance on the role of marketing, retailing and consumers in society.

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Cyber security

This area of research is based on work seeking to enhance an organisation’s resilience from the vulnerability of cyber attack and other forms of information security compromise.

This work relates to cyber security technology for risk identification, evaluation and management, and understanding coding, and adaptive and responsive defence applications from across global networks and its impact on organisational and national security.

Technology and Engineering

This area of research has developed from the internet of things and high value STEM science. Research investigates the enabling of wireless networks of devices to connect, collect and exchange data.

Cutting edge research investigates Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as neural network, genetic algorithms and deep learning for data mining, smart system design and development, various bio-inspired optimum algorithms for product design and development by learning from nature. Further, research addresses the engineering competivity in science and technology development.

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