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Bills and budgeting

Bills and budgets are not everyone’s favourite topic; however, it is important to think about it before committing to accommodation. Ensure you are comfortable with the rent and contract length before signing the paperwork.

It is important to understand if your rent includes your bills, and if so, which ones and whether they have a cap on them or not. Most landlord offer an all-inclusive rent; however, in the contract, it is likely to state that all-inclusive is up to a certain amount, this is called a cap, and if you spend over this, you will be liable for the difference.

It is important to understand if the cap is enough; you can ask the landlord for previous bills to see how much was spent and whether you are going to need to budget each month for additional bills. You must be aware that if all tenants have signed one tenancy agreement, you are all responsible for the bills. If one of your housemates, uses excessive electricity, gas, you will all have to contribute. 

If you are all full-time students, then you should be exempt from council tax. You can login to your student record, through MyGlos, and download a copy of your council tax exemption certificate, if you are eligible. If you have a part time or non-student in your property, the property will become liable for council tax. It is important to understand if you are all liable for this or only the non or part time student.

You should ensure meter readings are taken on the first and last day of the tenancy agreement, so you are only charged for this period.

If you are concerned about finances, we would recommend you make an appointment with our Money Advice Team at

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