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Private housing guide


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Living in the community

When you rent a property, you are joining a local community. Although you may only be in this local community for a short period of time, it is important you conduct yourself in a responsible manner. 

Try to be aware of your surroundings and that not all your neighbours will be students. Your neighbours might be elderly, have small children or work night shifts. Be respectful of all members of the community and ensure you keep noise levels to a minimum, especially at night time either when in your property or t ravelling from one area to another.

First impressions count with your new neighbours. Say hello as soon as you move in, either knock on their door or pop a card with your contact details on through their letter box. Let them know they can contact you if there are ever any problems.

Try to keep noise down to a reasonable level, especially later at night. Noise should be kept at room level at all times of the day or night; if your favourite music can be heard in the street, it’s too loud! Keeping doors and windows closed can make a really big difference to your neighbours.

If you are heading out for the night, be sure to keep noise levels down as you make your way to your next venue. When returning, be considerate to those not on a night out and be as quiet as you can until you are safely in your property. Once home, keep noise levels to a minimum to avoid disruption for others.

Warn your neighbours in advance if you are having a party and agree a mutually acceptable time for the party to end. Give them a mobile number that they can contact you on if they need to on the night. Try to keep noise to a minimum and keep your doors and windows closed. Turning down the bass on your music will make a big difference. Make sure any mess left is cleaned up afterwards. Remember, your guests are your responsibility.

We are here to support all members of our community, whether student, staff, local community member or business. We fully appreciate, after a very quiet 18 months on and around our campuses, it may feel very busy once everyone returns.

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If you are concerned about any aspects of living in the community, get in touch with the team so we can support you the best we can

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