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Private housing guide


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Where to live

We strongly recommend that you view properties on the university approved housing list, as these have been approved by the university, we know the landlord; hold all the relevant health and safety certificates and inspected them, when first registered with us.

It is important to not rush your decision and view at least three properties before deciding, so you can see the variety available. All tenants should view the property before deciding and everyone should feel comfortable with all aspects, the property, landlord and area.

If possible, chat to the existing tenants about their experience of the landlord and property.

You should visit the location, both during the day and at night, as a group, to ensure you are comfortable with the location.

If the property is not registered with the university, it is important to do your own checks on the landlord and property, including all safety certificates. If you are unsure, please contact the Housing Support Team at and we can give guidance on this.

When signing for a property, you are agreeing to take it based on the condition when you viewed it. If the landlord or agent has promised to make improvements, it is important you have this written into the contract; verbal confirmation is not enough.

Make sure everyone has a copy of the agreement, once signed and you all have the contact details of the landlord or agency.

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