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Private housing guide


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House hunting – finding people to live with

Choosing who you are going to live with is a big decision, as this will play a big part in how successful your new accommodation will be. It is important not to rush the decision and get to know people well before you commit to a property with them.

Have open and honest conversations about your likes and dislikes, budgets and how you wish to live.  Consider potential housemates’ hobbies, courses, do they like to go out a lot or do they prefer a quiet household? Do you all need to get a part time job to be able to afford your living expenses? It is important to understand this information and make an informed choice. We would recommend speaking with the Money Advice Team at, if you wish to go over budgets and affordability.

You will be signing a legally binding document, which, once signed, you cannot leave; therefore, it is vitally important you do not rush the decision and choose wisely.

If you have a spare room in your property or someone needs to leave; you can advertise the space on the university approved housing list.

You will need to register on this site, please do so with your student email account, once you have logged in, head to the message board facility where you can post messages and respond to existing ones. If your property is registered with the university, then you can ask the landlord to activate the advert as well.

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